GF & Partners Architects (GFP) is a thriving organization of more than 150 architects and employees, led by five partners whose cohesive management strategy and synergy has built a reputation for professionalism and effective collaboration with industry partners and foreign counterparts.

GFP counts among its regular and valued clients the top real estate developers and companies in the Philippines, whose world-class projects stand as a testament to the firm’s collective talents, expertise and discerning aesthetic.

GFP is a member of the Philippine Green Building Council, registered to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standards of the International Organization for Standardization, and listed as an APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) as well as ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) architect.


We are a dynamic architectural firm dedicated to designing built environments using innovative concepts that combine comfort, safety, aesthetics, cost efficiency and use of sustainable technologies. We are driven by a strong responsibility toward people, communities and the environment, and we adhere to only the highest standards of our profession.

We believe that working in the field of architecture means teamwork, collaboration and client service based on a high level of mutual trust. Constant communication and close coordination with all teams involved in the project enable us to create beautiful spaces and at the same time devise integrated solutions to even the most complex challenges. We conscientiously consider how the design of a building will impact its users and occupants.

Our organization is composed of creative yet analytical individuals who all share a high standard of work ethics and passionate dedication to our profession. We uphold excellence in everything we do, and our company has systems in place to ensure this at all times, such as support from other inhouse disciplines like research and development, quality control and ISO review. Our projects are closely monitored by team leaders and personally reviewed by the partners, illustrating our strong sense of ownership in whatever we do.


GFP as a firm began with the vision of institutionalizing and building further on the legacy of Filipino Architect Gabriel Formoso’s successful personal practice, hence his initials that the company bears up to this day.

Gabby started his practice in 1939, and is one of the first 100 licensed architects in the Philippines. Among his designs are well-known landmark buildings in the Makati Central Business District during their time, with most surviving up to this day. These include the Asian Institute of Management building, the Bank of America–Lepanto building, and the Manila Peninsula Hotel, as well as major structures in Manila such as the Central Bank of the Philippines complex along Roxas Boulevard.

Gabby’s single proprietorship practice evolved to a professional partnership with the formation of Gabriel Formoso and Partners in December 1973, with Susana S. Castillo, Jaime C. Marquez, Ricardo S. Dela Rosa Jr., Severino C. Villarama and Rodolfo V. Lameyra as founding partners—all homegrown associates who were chosen on the basis of merit and in recognition of their honesty, dedication, fortitude, strength of character, design acumen, and compromising standards for quality of work.

Through the years, other associates were elevated to partner status for manifesting the same virtues. Except for Angel E. Sancho Nakpil who was invited to the firm, other associates who eventually were made partners in later years included Jose Mendoza, Augusto G. Iral and Teodoro H. Narciso. Lina A. Quijano, the firm’s comptroller, was made principal. Similarly, partners who became managing partners are Susana Castillo (from 1991 to 1996), Ricardo Dela Rosa (from 1997 to 2009) and Teodoro Narciso (2010 to 2015).

In August 1979, the firm’s name was changed to GF & Partners (GFP). Gabby continued to strengthen his personal career, and together with it the collective reputation of the firm. Among the most important recognitions he received was the 1979 Outstanding Architect of the Year Award from the Professional Regulation Commission, the 1977 Patnubay ng Kalinangan Award from the Commission on Arts and Culture, the 1974 Most Outstanding Alumnus Award from his alma mater University of Santo Tomas, and an Honorary Lifetime Individuals Membership from the Architectural Center Club Inc.
In October 1996, the United Architects of the Philippines conferred upon Gabby the Likha Award, the highest distinction that the organization of Filipino professional architects bestows among any of its fellows. The recognition cited previous descriptions of his designs being a preference for “masculine-looking rubble walls and bold-lined fascias,” underscoring as well his “unique style for fine suburban homes.” His works were dubbed as “a pride in architectural symmetry, elegance and beauty.”

Gabby instilled in GFP the values and ideals that make it the firm that it is today—a professional and specialized organization where career advancement for design practitioners is based on merit, ability and tested competence. Even after his death in December 1996, GFP has remained as one of the biggest and most respected architectural firms in the Philippines. It is one of only a handful of architectural firms in the country established on a personal practice and that has survived and sustained success even after the death of its founder.

In this respect, Gabby’s contributions to the field of Filipino architecture are two-fold—his legacy is evident not only in structures with enduring architectural quality, but also in the spirit and work of a professional organization that continues such values and vision.


Annette F. Gaddi-Liganor, FUAP, APEC, AA
Xavier Antonio J. Garcia, FUAP


GFP today is a diverse and dynamic organization primarily comprised of young, promising Filipino talents in architecture, working together with other groups and departments that ensure the smooth and efficient daily operations of the firm, such as: human resources, administration, IT, finance and accounting.

Teodoro H. Narciso, FUAP

Ted is GFP’s immediate past managing partner, with close to 50 years of seasoned experience in the architectural field.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas, and completed studies in landscaping at the University of the Philippines–Diliman.

He is also the former president of the Makati chapter of the United Architects of the Philippines, and was elevated to fellowship in the organization in 2012.

He specializes in architectural planning, architectural presentation and landscaping.

Junior Partner/Senior Associates: Gener Liwanag, Bart Aguas, Joye Antonio, Angie Mesina; Associates: Aileen Villarama, Jomar Reyes